Surviving ~finals~

I’m writing this blog post today in the comfort of my own home next to the Christmas tree with a cup of ponche next to me– without the perpetual stress of school. Albeit, this morning I woke up feeling like I had work to do, which I think many people feel soon after finals season ends. Regardless, I’m happy to have survived this semester of college and can’t wait for the next one. This semester has brought much laughter, stress, but most importantly, growth (a post to come on that later). Today I wanted to write about finals because of how glum and anxious that week can make a person feel. Finals are tough for everyone but hearing people have competitions about who go the least amount of sleep in Cool Beans is both overwhelming and extremely unhealthy (for the person and the campus culture).

I began finals season at the study retreat, hosted by the Chaplain’s office at the Joyce Contemplative Center. At the retreat you get your own room and a very flexible schedule– including meals, prayer, and optional yoga. Additionally, there are resources you can use there like the 24/7 snacks (hello why would you not love being there), the beautiful energy from all the natural scenery around, a big book selection to do some side reading from, and art supplies. At the end of the retreat I left with a lot of work done and as a more relaxed version of myself.

If there is one thing I miss the most about being there is the food! I had such a good and healthy variety of vegetarian food

When I got back to school I resorted to my usual study spot– buried two steps beneath the ground with my stuff scattered everywhere on a tall desk in the art wing of Dinand Library. There I spent a lot of time finishing up papers and honestly– pulled two all nighters before submitting my final pieces. These moments are not as bad when you are with good company though, I had friends that also had loads of work and we encouraged eachother to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to keep working hard.

Although finals sound pretty hefty, the school does a few things to alleviate the stress for students. The following are a few things I have taken advantage of or available resources the school and departments provide during finals week: 


I didn’t get a chance to see the therapy dogs that the school brings every finals season this semester, but last semester I got a picture with the beautiful Keeva, who regularly comes to Holy Cross during finals (check out her Instagram)
Pictured: Me with the lovely admissions counselors! This semester I helped host a student for Perspectives Weekend and gave a presentation at my High school as an ambassador for them. As a thank you (to those who work with the admissions office), at the end of the semester we go to the office, pick up a sack and fill it with snacks (Pictured left to right: Tom, Brenna and Laura)
Free espresso beans can be found in the libraries, courtesy of HC Libraries
Destressing stations in the libraries! Additionally, they host “Citation Frustration” at multiple locations and various times, where you can come with any citation questions and concerns you may have.
  • I don’t have a picture, but I’d like to mention midnight breakfast again! They have really good potatoes and egg muffins! All for only a meal swipe (You have unlimited meal swipes…)


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