You Can Walk Worcester!

One of the eeriest misconceptions about Worcester is that its dangerous, so people don’t usually venture off campus on foot- unless its to a nearby party. During this semester (before it got too cold, though some days are still good) I did my fair share of walking around town.

Though its not the ideal city for walking, Worcester still has a few places that you can easily walk to off campus. For example, it takes me about 35 minutes to walk to union station, but it only takes me 15 minutes to walk to Walmart. While some of the sidewalks are bare, it provides good exercise and saves money (both for you and the energy for the environment). I have also walked to a local favorite: Miss Woo’s, only a 30 minute walk. Along the way you can also stop by Dollar General (for your frugal needs), Wing Stop (if you’re into meat), Wendy’s, Cuppertino’s, gas stations (for snacks) and more!

I captured this image because it has the same name as one of my dogs– Sargent
Pretty sunset and railroad on my way to a restaurant near Clark University
There are shuttles that can take you to Walmart… but you can also take a 15 minute walk and make it there:) There is a nice trail once you get close to the store, picture above
A nice view on my way to walmart with friends
My beautiful friend, Claire Fox ’21 pictured in a garden right outside of Birchtree Bread Co.; another HC fav
Remember the succulents in my dorm? This is Seed to Stem, a friend (Licelot Caraballo ’21) and I walked there at the beginning of the year to give our rooms some freshness

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