Life is tough, but we are tougher: A reflection on my best and worst semester at Holy Cross so far

Being in college has been the most challenging yet transformative experience of my small two-decade life so far. I remember Holy Cross being an unattainable dream for me in high school and now that I am here sometimes it is easy to lose connection with that strong desire to be on this campus. Life happens and sometimes things beyond our control make it so debilitating to simply exist as a human— let alone a student. This semester has proven to be one of the the most mentally-challenging ones by far for me, despite how amazing its been with the countless number of new connections, bonds and friendships that I have created throughout the process. Life happens, but it also goes on and I think thats the biggest takeaway I have from this semester. I like to think of it as, the darkest moments are just life marinating for the better days. And simply surviving is enough (sometimes), because there is only so much our human bodies can do.

This end of the semester I want to manifest *hope* *transformation* and *intentionality* This ride all along has been transformative but I hope to be more intentional about what these transformations are from now moving forward. Next semester I will be in the New York program away from campus and I know that I need to take steps for my own sanity. Many mental illnesses have made it difficult for me to be a student and I think I’m finally ready to let go of the fear that I have making the step to change what needs to get changed for me to continue surviving (next step: thrive) in college.

After all, college is only 4 years of your life but I have learned that it is also an amazing opportunity to really learn about what your inner desires are and how you will cope in life after college. I have started to realize that my coping mechanisms and thought-processes will be replicated in the future once I’m out into the “world” (because lets be honest, this campus itself is a smaller bubble within the world) and the way I have it going now… honestly scares me but I’m proud of myself to acknowledge that and I know that I am working towards a better me, each step and decision I take.

See you later HC campus  ♡

*Queue Get Well Soon by Ariana Grande*