Staying organized: Planners, notebooks, markers, and more!

Eco- Action meeting tomorrow night in the Hub, advisor meeting in the morning, oh and the regular PRIDE meetings got moved to Thursdays…

Whether you like it or not, in college you have to be organized and have some form of planner to keep you on track. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t get through high school without a planner but I never realized even how much more useful it would be in college. The workload gets heavier, and sometimes life will throw many things at you all in the same day or within the same time frame.

The following are snaps of my journal and planner. I keep both, one that is more personal to me that includes goals, notes I take at events, and important events with doodles. My planner has my day to day life and specifies my academic assignments and includes reminders for club meetings or events I should go to.

I like to begin my months with a calendar and a set of goals. After attedning a goal setting workshop offered by the school (free of charge!) I added specific things I can do to obtain my goals.

Additionally, I have some motivation and things that keep me going so I can always look forward to something.

I purchased my planner at the beginning of the year at

This is a glimpse of my week in September during the beginning of the school year. I like to mark off finished assignments by highlighting them and write my events to go to on the bottom lines.

Sometimes I don’t have my journal with me and will use my planner’s blank pages to take notes at important events.

For this page I was at an event with the Better Future Project in Boston that taught me about the Climate justice movement and how we can further divestment campaigns at our own school.

Lastly, I began using sticky notes this year. If I actually put all of my activities for the day in my planner it would look very overwhelming, so I keep a daily to-do list on my laptop, where I do the vast majority of my work!

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