Making your dorm your home ✿

The one space on campus  you really want to make sure you make home is your DORM! Because you go back and sleep there  every night, have a few snacks, invite friends over every so often and sometimes study… (at least for me, I don’t like studying on my desk).

Here’s a little info on living on the hill and ways I’ve made my dorm my home away from home.

The Roommate Process

The first part of picking a dorm is picking a roommate! As a freshman you are assigned to a dorm with a completely random stranger (or two). Sometimes people have bad relationships with their roommates… and sometimes they turn out to have such a great situation/friendship that they  end up rooming together again! That was the case with me and my roommate from freshman year.

In the Spring you get a random time and at that time you choose where you and your desired roommate will live. Our ideal situation was to live in one of the traditional Sophomore dorms (Lehy). Since we had such a late time we ended up choosing Wheeler (which this year transitioned from being a freshman dorm to a sophomore dorm). The few weeks I’ve been living here have made me realize that this was actually the best situation I could have been in and couldn’t be happier living in a building where I don’t have to climb up stairs everyday!!

Pictured: Me and my roommate Britt Axelson ’21 in our cozy home in Wheeler Hall (:


When you look around my side of the room you can see bits and pieces of pictures, memories, and trinkets that I use to personalize my room as my space.  A big part of that is having my favorite books with me, pictures that remind of home (Kansas City) on my desk and pictures of loved ones and pets.

I even went out to get some plants to bring the nature vibes inside

I went on a walk with a friend to a local plant store, Seed to Stem and got an aloe vera and baby cactus for our dorm.

Organizing your space

Missing: A tapestry :0 I’m going to DIY a tapestry with a friend out of some sheets we thrifted last weekend

Since this space is a bit small, I got bed risers and 2 shelfs to put under my bed. I got both of these at the New2U sale hosted by Eco-Action B-)