Congratulations, College of the Holy Cross Class of 2022!

By now, thousands of applicants across the globe have received their acceptance package to College of the Holy Cross, and I want to extend a warm congratulations on my behalf to everyone that is a part of the class of 2022!

It really does not feel like one year has gone by since I received my acceptance to Holy Cross. I remember that day vividly, I was getting prepared for my performance at the Missouri State solo and ensemble competition when I received an email. I was so ecstatic that I did not even care what rating I ended up leaving with! In that moment I was filled with a rush of joy and pride, given that Holy Cross was my top choice decision for college. After receiving my second good news of the day (the results for my performance), I got home as quick as I could to share the news with my parents. Being a first generation student and Chicana played a big role in the reason that I took pride in my accomplishment. Despite the odds not being in my favor, I got into my top choice school and was ecstatic about what would happen next.

Solidifying my decision to attend Holy Cross felt as natural as it could get. I had already visited Holy Cross during the Perspectives program in the fall, so I had a good feel about what I was getting into. The push towards diversifying the experience of Holy Cross and the opportunity for a multi-disciplinary education at a jesuit institution are what greatly pulled me to Holy Cross. My parents, however, wanted me to be sure of my decision, so they encouraged me to participate in the Visions (very similar to the Perspectives program) program as well, given that the distance from home was something that scared them. With my experience in the Visions program, (or you could alternatively participate in the overnight visit) I also got to partake in the Accepted Students Open House (which I highly encourage).

If you are unsure of your decision to commit to Holy Cross and cannot make it to campus, some other good resources I found helpful before my visits are the virtual tour, welcome chat, and meeting other students through the official Facebook group. –I say this because sometimes it is not possible to get to campus. Last year I made a friend through the Facebook group (from California!) who couldn’t make it to the Visions gathering, so I told her all about the programing events, shared my stories there and encouraged her to commit. She took a leap of faith with all of the resources I mentioned and is currently loving her experience on campus as well.

Thinking back on the last 365 days, I can say I am thankful for all of the opportunities I have had since I have become a part of this school. There have been ups and downs on this hill, but most of all, I am glad that I have also been offered ways to make my experience better. With this, I say thanks to Odyssey for providing me with the resources I need to tackle college, My peer mentor (Mariel Aleman, 18) for offering me a shoulder to lean on, the Multi Cultural Organizations for making me feel at home, the environmental clubs that keep me rooted in my passions, and Holy Cross for offering me this 4 year thrill.

Pictured: me next to the congratulations banner for the class of 2021. Mark your signature at the Accepted Students Open House this year!

Wherever your endeavors take you, I wish you luck, and hopefully I will see you on the hill next semester 🙂