First Summer Home

It’s been a while since I’ve stretched my fingers on this page but I wanted to check in to share how I’ve spent my summer so far!

My first year of college taught me many things but most importantly, ways to better myself as a person and a student. Throughout the year I often sacrificed meals and sleep and had my priorities list out of order. Here are some healthy habits I’ve been working on:

  • A fixed bedtime and wake-up time
  • Eating BREAKFAST (as simple as it may seem, it has made my overall well being improve a lot)
  • Shifting my diet (I am now vegetarian and opt for healthier foods.)
  • Cutting coffee out of my diet (granted I do sometimes drink coffee, but no longer on a heavy daily basis)

Some activities I’ve enjoyed:

  • Going to PRIDE festival with my best friends (I got a kiss on the cheek from Monique Heart!)

  • Working at my favorite place on earth (hallmark!)
  • Taking a summer course at my local community college. Holy Cross offers this to students as an option to catch up or work ahead
  • Hanging out with my buds

  • Going to the lake

  • Spending quality time with my family
Missing: my brother

Some things I’m looking forward to this fall semester:

  • Moving in early
    • There are some programs at HC that you can move in early through. For example band camp, choir camp, odyssey, etc. This semester I’ll be moving in early for the New2U initiative with Eco Action. Last semester we collected student’s items that would otherwise be going into the trash others can re purpose them. The early arrival will allow us to sort through the items and get them ready to sell. We will also be giving first picks to Odyssey and Passport first year students.
  • Concerts! I’m going to see Kali Uchis and Rejjie Snow this fall
  • PRIDE!
    • This year I’m on the E-board and we are currently working hard on getting organized to plan for the semester
  • Year 2 :0

See you all soon!

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